What Folks have said about Six:

"A total joy. One of the most memorable games I played this year!"
– Douglas Wilson, Producer at Die Gute Fabrik

"Six, a game about two sisters playing hide and seek with their friends in the park, is, to my eyes, quite possibly the most polished Inform game ever produced… I could easily see this game becoming the canonical go-to game for introducing kids to the joys of Interactive Fiction; it clearly deserves such a position."
– Matt Wigdahl, author of Aotearoa @ The Quern

"The writing's just right, too, which is no mean feat; it's sparky and enthusiastic and full-of-childlike-wonder without ever getting syrupy or ingenuous."
– Sam Kabo Ashwell @ paean to wanderings

"Six goes out of its way on every occasion to explain syntax that might be puzzling, disambiguate naturally, and hint solutions to a puzzle you’re having trouble with. It’s just really really well done... The same care and attention holds over to the characters. Each of the NPCs has a distinctive personality and plenty to say, as well as the ability to move around in interesting ways either on their own or in response to the player’s interference."
Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling

"It’s charmingly written, and a good study in autonomous wandering NPCs to boot."
– Carl Muckenhoupt @ The Stack

"This game comes highly recommended if you like whimsy and are interested in learning the bizzare ins and outs of Australian children's birthday parties."
– Amanda Lange @ Second Truth Blog

"...The game presents its PC's perspective in a very matter-of-fact way, with very little adult sentimentality attached. The NPCs are well-drawn too, feeling like real children rather than hasty stereotypes. I thought the dialog rang especially true — as the parent of a six-year-old myself, I recognized the mix of quirkiness and practicality in the game's characters from my observations of the kids around me…"
– Paul O'Brian @ IF-Review