"Your name is Harriet Leitner, and you and your twin sister Demi turned six this morning! You're having a fancy dress birthday party, and this afternoon you'll be playing Hide and Seek Tip over in the park. You can't wait to catch all your friends."

There are adventures to be had, friends to chase, people and animals to meet and tricks to play.

Six is a freeware interactive fiction adventure game. A text adventure!

It placed second out of 38 games in the 2011 Interactive Fiction competition and won the Best Implementation award at the 2011 XYZZY Awards.

The exploits of Six’s enthusiastic young characters will appeal to gamers from any background, and the game is also a good introduction to contemporary Interactive Fiction in general. It comes with a helpful illustrated PDF manual and hand-drawn map, offers plenty of advice while you’re playing and is really good at understanding your commands. Some in-game artworks, sound effects and music complete the experience.

A good place to read reviews of the game, or leave one yourself, is the Six page on the Interactive Fiction Database.

Six can be played
OFFLINE on MacOS, Windows or Unix, or maybe even on smartphones and other devices.

Get the offline version from the Download page

A big thanks to Brian Rushton, whose BisQuixe interpreter finally allowed Six to be played online with all its sounds and music in 2024!