The current version of the game is Release 6 (14 September, 2020)

To download the files you'll need and get the game started, follow A, B and C below:

Click here to download the zipped Six game bundle for any OS (9.1 MB)

The bundle includes the story file 'Six.gblorb', the PDF manual, Demi’s map of the park and the cover art. If you haven’t played Interactive Fiction or text adventures before, the manual is for you.

B. To run the story file, you’ll need to download a free Interactive Fiction Interpreter for your OS.

Below I list three interpreters suitable for playing Six
(list last updated 17 January, 2021). They're listed in order of suitability for this game by operating system, so just read down the options and download the first interpreter you encounter that will work for you:
Option 1: WinGit or WinGlulxe (Windows only)
+ All game features supported

WinGit is basically the same as WinGlulxe, but faster.

Download the latest WinGit installer from the IF Archive or
Download the latest WinGlulxe installer from the IF Archive
Option 2: Gargoyle (Mac, Windows, Unix)
+ All game features supported
- On Macs, only the latest version of Gargoyle supports text to speech
Download 2019 Gargoyle for MacOS 10.13+ (Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra)
Download 2017 Gargoyle for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) (no text to speech support)
Download 2011 Gargoyle for MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or earlier (no text to speech support)
Download 2019 Gargoyle for Windows as a .zip
Download 2019 Gargoyle for Windows as an .exe
Go to the GutHub download page for Unix (You'll have to pick the right version for your system when you get there)
Option 3: Lectrote (Mac, Windows, Unix)
- No sound
- No coloured text
+ Graphics work, but
- the status window colour can't be changed
Go to the download page for MacOS, Windows and Unix (Pick the download for your OS when you get there)
C. Open the story file in the interpreter you just downloaded and play!

Once you've downloaded and installed an interpreter, you can start the game either by OPENing the file 'Six.gblorb' from within the interpreter, or perhaps by dragging and dropping 'Six.gblorb' on the interpreter.